HypeFloats10 Vol. II

Weekend time means catch up on music time so I thought it would be nice to hit you guys up with the second edition of the HypeFloats10.  Best music from the past couple weeks.  Make sure you have all these so that you can be the coolest one at any party.  Just make sure you ask permission before touching the host of the party’s iPod because I really hate when people do that.

Also the 10 is so good this week that it was 14.  Not even surprising considering Hype Floats always goes the extra mile to give the people what they want.

  1. Timbaland-Say Something (feat. Drake)
  2. XV, Bun B, and Mike Posner – Mirror’s Edge
  3. Rihanna – Russian Roulette
  4. Shakira – Give It Up To Me (feat. Timbaland & Lil’ Wayne)
  5. Mr. Hudson – Straight No Chaser
  6. Ne-Yo – Move Along
  7. Wiz – Kimber
  8. Sean Kingston – Addicted
  9. Timbaland – Rumors (feat. Jay-Z and Keri Hilson)
  10. Chamillionaire – Good Morning
  11. Timbaland – Morning After Dark (feat. Nelly Furtado and SoShy)
  12. Chris Brown – Crawl
  13. Clipse – I’m Good (Remix) (feat. Rick Ross)
  14. Gucci Mane – Street Cred (feat. Drake & Killer Mike)



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