He’s made the hat pretty darn famous

When Lebron comes to town, all the stars come out to see the paltry Knicks. This season’s only visit brought out his homie Hov, Dominican play Boy Arod, and Black Shrek Carsten Charles Sabathia. Jay is really trying to prove his hypothesis that he “made the Yankee hat more famous than a Yankee can” by rocking the midnight blue beauty every chance he can. The real story is that the lady sitting next to CC isn’t actually in the row behind him, his massive 6′ 7″ 290 pound stature just performs that optical illusion all by itself. The trio took in the game before the Bronx Bomber World Series Party at 40/40. One honky who wasn’t invited to sit court side with the trio certainly made his presence felt when the limelight strayed his way. Scroll down for a chuckle.


One Response to “He’s made the hat pretty darn famous”

  1. Beta '09 Says:

    me and greeny were at 40/40 that night. it was a great time. mark texiera was there along with chris rock too, he of course recognized me from the time we met up in the dark slope

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