OMFG The Hype Floats Top 50 Countdown Starts TOMORROW!

I know you all have been waiting on the edge of your seat for the official Hype Floats Top 50 Countdown of 2009.  Well tomorrow is the big day.  It took me like 50 hours to schedule all the shit and get everything set up so you’re going to appreciate it and love it. 

Two songs will post every day: one at 12 Noon and 12 Midnight.  If you do the math carry the 1 that leads to the #1 song of 2009 going up at Midnight on Christmas Eve.  Awesome!

This is not like a radio countdown or an iTunes countdown.   It’s not the most popular songs on the charts.  Most of these songs never even hit the radio.  The criteria was simple: my favorite songs, the most popular songs at pregames, and the songs that really defined Hype Floats and One Night In Bangkok.  You won’t see like “Empire State Of Mind” or “Best I Ever Had” because even though we probably broke those songs, they just got way too big for a little old blog like this.


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