2) Chiddy Bang: Kids (feat. MGMT)

If you’ve followed the blog you know I’ve been all over Chiddy Bang since I first heard about them over at Taken Story.  These guys are sophomores at Drexel in Philly (although I’m not sure if they are actually still going there?) basically a reminder that these kids are like 5 years younger than me and making infinite more money/fame.   But more importantly ever since I first heard them I’ve been obsessed.  Just a completely unique style.  Anyone can just rap over a beat.  A lot of people can rap WELL over a beat.  But not many people can make their own incredibly unique beats blending rap, rock, electro, techno, indie…basically any music style you can think of these guys make a sick beat out of.  My favorites are of course the revamps of other songs like the Passion Pit beat (Truth), Sufjan Stevens (All Things Go), Lykke Li (Fresh Like Us), Radiohead (Because), and of course MGMT here.  I could honestly pick like one of 10 songs to go here but Kids is the best one to me.  Not only is it just my favorite but it also brings back some great college memories.



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