Mike Posner: One Foot Out the Door pt. 7

I debated long and hard about whether or not to post this, I really only post things that I like, on the off chance that someone out there has the exact same taste as me then this is one heck of a blog experience for them. The reason I did decide to subject you fair readers to this is because almost every one of Mike Posner’s videos, whether they be included in this series or not, portrays him rocking shows in front of members of his demographic, white college kids who know the catalog of his music by heart. Seeing him do his thing at the This is 50 show on Governor’s island was interesting because it reminded me that not all that many people know who this funky Duke University hopeful is. He doesn’t rap, he sings and while the discerning music lover will probably eat his tunes up, the laymen rap fan will probably never hear of him. So educate the philistines around you, and put good music in their ear holes.


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