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Wale Pretty Girls Video Shoot Behind The Scenes

January 12, 2010

The mask is unveiled and the truth of the glamourous music video is unveiled….or is it. Ben Baller a well respected jewler, DJ, and sneaker kingpin gives a behind the scenes look at the Wale Video shoot, and it looks pretty lame. Me and the blogman could lip sink a better video than this, and maybe we will.

Ben Baller Customized G-Shock

November 3, 2009

While this picture doesn’t capture the true shine, this watch is pretty darn sweet. You’re not going to walk to your local watch store and pick up this G-Shock for a hundred and twenty bucks. You will have to gain notoriety like Joe Bistro from Sneaker Bistro Boutique in Strong Island and have some sort of connection with DJ, record exec, and now high end jewelry customizer Ben Baller. So basically enjoy the image and keep dreaming.