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DJ Moondance: No Stuntin’ No Cry (Lil Wayne vs Bob Marley)

January 27, 2010

Just look at these two fellas, they both rocked dreads, both were shot, and both had a strong affinity for the sticky green stuff. Bob Marley Mashups are many and rarely good with the exception of Bobb Deep which you should def look into if you’re at a loss. DJ Moondance did his thing and this mashup sounds like it was meant to be, hopefully more stuff like this will drop once Wayne starts his yearlong hibernation. via P&P.

DJ Moondance: No Stuntin’ No Cry

Daft Punk x Bob Marley: Is This Digital Love (MadMixMustang Mash)

October 26, 2009

Download: Daft Punk x Bob Marley – Is This Digital Love