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Mike Posner: Drug Dealer Girl (Remix)[feat. Wale] x Elitaste CMJ Mixtape

October 23, 2009

Ok I know we’ve been bombarding you with Posner & CMJ shit today so this will be my last post about it.  (I can’t say the same about Frank).  But I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t bring this to your attention.  The Drug Dealer Girl remix with Wale is a no brainer post.  But the Elitaste CMJ Mix Tape is sick as well.  These are all the dudes that were at the show last night so make sure you check it out.

Download: Drug Dealer Girl Remix feat. Wale

Bonus Download: Mirror’s Edge feat. XV & Big Sean

Download: The Elitaste CMJ Mixtape

 Also October 29th is when Posner’s new mixtape drops.

Can’t wait for this to drop. Posner’s been teasing 2 new tracks from this on his webisodes. “U Don’t Have 2 Leave” and “Please Don’t Go” get a little bit or air time in each webisode and they don’t legit.

“One Foot Out The Door” Episode 2: Wale, Virginia Tech, and Benny Blanco from Mike Posner on Vimeo.