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Jordan XI Space Jam Release

December 23, 2009

So this website has turned into a pretty much musically centric endeavor, and that’s fine I think it’s been a natural progression towards that genre of expression. BUT, I’m a sneaker guy I always have been and I always will be and I hope that I die in a fresh pair of kicks. For those with the same disease as me, you know the symptoms and just looking at the picture above probably produces palpitations, and that’s one heck of a three word alliteration. The Jordan XI which is considered by many in the community to be the most desirable, has released tonight in the most famous color combination, that derived from the movie Space Jam. An all star cast, killer sound track (that’s music for the blogman), and that smokin babz bunny, what’s not to like. If you’re not already in line for these they’re probably just another unanswered wish from that portly fellow in the red suit (that’s Santa for non-Macy’s employees). They sold out on the internet in a matter of minutes, and unless you’re Big Foot, it looks to be all over for scoring these at $175 sticker price…..which is a tad too steep for this Vegan.

DJ AM Under the Glass @ UNDFTD

December 10, 2009

LA’s prmier skate shop UNDFTD has put some pieces from Adam Goldstein’s aka DJ AM personal collection Under Glass in their shop showroom. The purpose of the showcase is to raise awarness for the charity auction which is going on now for the DJ AM memorial fund which will include all these sneaks and more. Included in this display are 5 of the rarest and most expensive shoes know to man. The two pair of Jordan IVs which include the “Eminem” and “UNDFTD” are very highly sought after, but not as much as the pure pieces of art on the far left known as the Paris Dunks. When the Paris Dunks hit auction they will be sure to bring in, in excess of 2,500 clams. Check out AM’s mixing board below, and peruse some of the kicks which constitute the collection for his memorial fund HERE, including the ENTOURAGE Nike Air Force 1s.

Nike SB Dunk “Paris”

Jared Jeffries Jordan VIII PE(s)

November 25, 2009

Pictured above is what amounts to an oxymoron. It’s a Jared Jeffries Jordan VIII PE which implies the horrifying fact that this guy Jared Jeffries is in fact on Team Jordan. What this means is that not only does Jordan Brand allow this ass clown to wear their sneakers, they pay him for the privilege and makeup special colorways for him to wear. While this has got to be mortifying for even the janitors at the Jordan headquarters, how do you think MJ feels about this. He was the first pick of the Wiz with Jordan at the helm in 2002, and he’s rode him like a bad stock tip right into the dregs of the NBA. If you don’t think Jared Jeffries is bad it’s because you’re misinformed. Here are his stats.

PPG: 3.1 Just shy of his career average of 5.3
Rebounds: 2.8 Again a big loss of output from career numbers of 4.4
Steals: .5
Turnovers: 1.1
Fouls: 2.25
Salary for 2010: $6,466,600

Now that you know the Micky Factz, have a look at the rest of his Jordan collection.


Nike Town New York Exhibit

November 23, 2009

Nike Town New York has curated two intriguing themed displays on their floor. The first of which is a Livestrong display which features sports memorabilia from those in the Lance Armstrong Livestrong Crew. This collection of goodies includes the bike that Lance rode when he made his return to professional cycling earlier this year. Have a scroll to see some other choice pieces.

Next up is the glove that Sox pitcher Jon Lester used during the month of July during the Tour de France.

The next exhibit on display is a complete collection of Jordans, that’s I-XXIII in a stripped down “naked” white/red colorway. The display is the highest form of dope for sneaker fiends, and I wouldn’t be surprised if there were a few robbery attempts at these stripped down beauties. Anyhoo if you’re in the area and care to peruse some sweet shit, or if you’re planing a heist you’ll want to visit 6 E 57th street, but holler at us on shout box before hand so we can get the robbery exclusive.

Fast Friends

November 6, 2009

Marcus Jordan and his Jordan XII Rising Suns pictured above single handedly took down a school’s endorsement deal with Adidas worth three million dollars. It’s probably no big deal cuz that’s what his pops spends on a weekend of cigars and strippers, but I hope he’s got enough Jordan paraphernalia to outfit a University’s worth of athletic equipment, cuz last time I checked Jordan Brand doesn’t stock an epee (remember that for crosswords).

Marcus Jordan rocks Jordans

October 18, 2009

Michael Jordan’s son Marcus will be playing the upcoming basketball season at UCF in glasses, but that isn’t the breaking news. Though the school has been sponsored by Adidas for years, Marcus, like Michael did in the 1992 Olympics is shirking his team responsibilities in order to rock fresh Jays daily. I can’t really blame the dude, when you stack the Adidas lineup against JB, there’s really no comparison, but if he wants to make fast friends, a round of Jordan’s all around should be in order.