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Mr. Hudson feat. Kanye West: Anyone But Him (Single Version)

January 26, 2010

This is not the same as the song you may have already downloaded, it is a remastered, revised version that will appear as a single on Mr Hudson’s Straight No Chaser. With all that said, I can’t really discern a great difference between the two tracks other than beefed up guitars in the Single, but I’m quite tired, so get your SongHunt on.

Mr. Hudson feat. Kanye West: Anyone But Him (Single Version)

The Noisettes vs. Kanye West: Wild Young Heartbreaks

December 17, 2009

Here’s another prime example of something I downloaded in October, hated then, like now, and just figured out how to load on UserShare. If you hate it right now, you may also hate it in 2 months……but maybe you won’t. Enjoy a tracklist and the first 3 tracks to wet your appetite, I’ll get the rest when it’s not past my bed time.
UPDATE: As promised here are the rest of the tracks.

1. Say You’ll Be Noisy f. 6th Sense

2. Never Bad f. Esso

3. 24 Winters

4. Cheap Cops

5. Saturday Night Paranoia f. Christian Rich

6. Upset Lockdown f. Apple Juice Kid

7. Amazing Heart Break

8. Sometimes I’m Heartless

Rolling Stone: 100 best albums of the 00s

December 12, 2009

So Rolling Stone has gone ahead and put together a list of the 100 best albums of the 00s together for your reading, and listening pleasure. While I won’t tell you who took the number one spot (Radiohead), I will tell you that in addition to enjoying the album art and a commending blurb aout each album, you can also stream each album listed on the well list (that’s a poor word repetition) which I’m doing right now for MGMTs Ocular Spectacular which came in right above Sisqo’s Return of the Dragon at 18…..that’s a little bloggers humor. Peep the list, gripe about the positioning, and listen to the tracks RIGHT HERE.

Drake feat. Kanye, Lil Wayne, Eminem: Forever (Steve Aoki Remix)

December 3, 2009

I’ll be the first to admit that Steve Aoki is my dude, and I have a biased opinion about the majority of his remixes. While this one sounds tantalizing, the techno-funk beat far outweighs the sped up vocals which are suspect…..but there’s good news. The picture above is sweet, and so is the one of Steve Aoki’s sister below, she’s the becoming Asian from one of those Tyrese blunders. via DF.

Drake feat. Kanye, Lil Wayne & Eminem: Forever (Steve Aoki Remix)

50) Kanye West: Flight School (feat. T-Pain)

December 1, 2009

The countdown begins!  And what more fitting way to begin than the song that started it all.  I started in March 2009 because my college email was full and I needed a way to get this song to Pure and Dj Rotate.  This was the first blog post of my life.  Kind of brings a tear to my eye.  Now this song was a GLC track but I never really heard about it after this original leaked.  And this version is only featuring Kanye and T-Pain.  So that’s the way it will stay.


30 Seconds To Mars: Hurricane (feat. Kanye West)

November 29, 2009

Don’t ask me what the deal is with this song.  Just your run of the mill heavy rockers adding Kanye to the track.  Bingo!


Kanye West: I’m So Appalled

November 26, 2009


Kanye West: Get Em High (Ratatat Remix)

November 24, 2009

Typical Ratatat remix sounds the same as every other but goes great with Kanye here.


Consequence: Whatever U Want (Good Music Remix)

November 18, 2009

Ala the iced out Rocafella piece in the late 90s, the spinning G-unit piece in the 2000s, and Gucci Mane’s Bart Simpson, the membership cards of G.O.O.D. music are on display. Whatever you want has been remixed by the headliners of getting our our dreams and the song is quite G.O.O.D…..get it.

Consequence: Whatever you Want (Good Music remix)

Kanye West Glow in the Dark Promo

October 31, 2009

KANYE WEST “Glow in the Dark” book promo from nabil elderkin on Vimeo.

No matter your beliefs about the guy’s personality, haircut, girlfriend, or awards show etiquette, this video is really cool. It’s a promo for his book “Glow in the Dark” which takes a behind the scenes look at his widely popular Glow in the Dark Tour. The book comes with a CD which has unreleased instrumentals, and is sure to be a fine reed for any ‘ye fan.