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Nike Town New York Exhibit

November 23, 2009

Nike Town New York has curated two intriguing themed displays on their floor. The first of which is a Livestrong display which features sports memorabilia from those in the Lance Armstrong Livestrong Crew. This collection of goodies includes the bike that Lance rode when he made his return to professional cycling earlier this year. Have a scroll to see some other choice pieces.

Next up is the glove that Sox pitcher Jon Lester used during the month of July during the Tour de France.

The next exhibit on display is a complete collection of Jordans, that’s I-XXIII in a stripped down “naked” white/red colorway. The display is the highest form of dope for sneaker fiends, and I wouldn’t be surprised if there were a few robbery attempts at these stripped down beauties. Anyhoo if you’re in the area and care to peruse some sweet shit, or if you’re planing a heist you’ll want to visit 6 E 57th street, but holler at us on shout box before hand so we can get the robbery exclusive.