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January Jones Spices Up November GQ

October 16, 2009

Mad Men is taking over popular culture. People are slugging whiskey and puffing cigs at an alarming rate, and not because if makes you feel nice toasty. Mad Men is becomming a popular trend in the way people dress, and think about the 1960s, and now they’ll think in a whole new way about Betty Draper. January Jones was named after a porn-star and espouses one in her GQ cover picture. Have a look at January after the jump (if that works) and be thankful that she never listend to her one time beau Ashton Kutcher when he told her not to act. I gotta say it, they do a great job of hiding those things on the show.

it’s gotta be cold down there.

Brooks Brothers Limited Edition Mad Men Suit

October 15, 2009

Get your Don Draper on with the Brooks Brothers Limited Edition Mad Men Suit. If you don’t know what Mad Men is then this thousand dollar Jacket and Pant combo probably isn’t for you. If on the other hand you’ve go an affinty for the program, and you’re having trouble choosing the right style and think perchance early 60s Ad gangster is for you, then here is your suit. It’s hand designed by the shows costume designer, limited to 250 pieces, and drops October 19th, I bet I know where someone’s Macy’s check is headed.