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Nike Air Force 1 Bespoke: Marcus Troy

January 4, 2010

While I may like skittles, I love sneakers, and this video is of particular interest, because it delves behind the closed doors of the Nike Bespoke studio. For those that are unenlightened, the Nike Bespoke Studio is located at 21 Mercer Street in the Big Apple and boasts the ability to customize their most classic kick the Air Force 1 with any material ever used by the brand. You get a 2 hour design session with a consultant, and you’ll get to see, touch, and smell every material that will go into your truly couture kick. The price tag is heft at $820, but the possibilities are endless. If you’re unfamiliar with Marcus Troy, check him out he’s got some fun an interesting things to say.

MVPuppets: Sherlock Holmes was Black

December 12, 2009

So back in our collegiate days me and the blogman were forced to read Hound of the Baskervilles, and it certainly was not an action packed thriller starring Robert Downey Jr. nor Rachel McAdams, basically what I’m trying to say is that it was a stinky read. The latest MVPuppets commercial has a brother stepping into the roll of Holmes which I’m not sure to whom it is offensive, but I’m sure it’ll encompass some sect. I’ve also often postulated to myself whether Kobe is a consultant on these commercials because his actions seem to be spot on to his personality

DJ AM Under the Glass @ UNDFTD

December 10, 2009

LA’s prmier skate shop UNDFTD has put some pieces from Adam Goldstein’s aka DJ AM personal collection Under Glass in their shop showroom. The purpose of the showcase is to raise awarness for the charity auction which is going on now for the DJ AM memorial fund which will include all these sneaks and more. Included in this display are 5 of the rarest and most expensive shoes know to man. The two pair of Jordan IVs which include the “Eminem” and “UNDFTD” are very highly sought after, but not as much as the pure pieces of art on the far left known as the Paris Dunks. When the Paris Dunks hit auction they will be sure to bring in, in excess of 2,500 clams. Check out AM’s mixing board below, and peruse some of the kicks which constitute the collection for his memorial fund HERE, including the ENTOURAGE Nike Air Force 1s.

Nike SB Dunk “Paris”

Kobe Supports World AIDS Day

December 3, 2009

This is a picture of a foot, but not just any foot, the foot of four time NBA champion of the world Kobe Bryant. While you could focus on the yet to be released White/Ice Kobe IVs that he is rocking, or the (red) shoe laces that he sports in support of world AIDS day which was Tuesday, I’ll pick a different aspect. Underneath that cushy, comfy, 10 dollar retail priced socked is a heavily taped ankle. What’s the big deal one might postulate, every well trained athlete should tape their ankle, and I would agree with you. But not every well trained athlete sponors a low top basketball shoe and professes that the defender will need “ankle insurance”. Nike would do well to keep that tape job hidden for fear of unearthing the concrete FACT that every John Q. men’s league player will sprain their ankles in these if not properly suported. Take it from a guy who lost to a team called the Yugoslovian Young Guns….it’s a fact.

Nike Air Max 90 iD Pigeon

November 30, 2009

If these shoes don’t cause an instantaneous sensation of excitement and fear that you might have an uncontrollable bowel movement, then you should go see a gastroentorologist. These Pigeon 90s were fashioned after the Pigeon Dunks which were THE sneaker to own in 2005 and caused a riot in front of The Reed Space where 20 of the 150 pairs were released. The shoes above were supposedly crafted on Nike iD which I find a bit fishy because there is no option for an SB tongue, which is what the shoes above sport on a pair of Air Max 90s. In any case I’ll be trying to replicate these on Nike iD for the next 72 hours, so wish me luck. Also as an added bonus for being on Hype Floats, enjoy the video below where the CBS newscasters embarrass themselves with shameless puns. Not one anchor from the 2005 newscast remains on air today….coincidence, I think not.

Nike Air Force 1 DJ Clark Kent Supreme

November 25, 2009

The Nike Air Force 1 DJ Clark Kent isn’t all that cool. The colorway pays homage to the Knicks which at this point is laughable, the box featuring the same NYC Nike logo that’s been around since the mid-90s is cool but hardly a selling point, but there is a silver lining. From 8-10pm tomorrow you can get your eat and drink on, on Nike’s dime. @their lower Manhattan hot spot (21 Mercer Street) DJ Clark Kent will be on the 1s and 2s, and there will be light food and beverage, so get there early feast on waht you can, and get the heck out of there before they try to make you buy those forces.

Nike Town New York Exhibit

November 23, 2009

Nike Town New York has curated two intriguing themed displays on their floor. The first of which is a Livestrong display which features sports memorabilia from those in the Lance Armstrong Livestrong Crew. This collection of goodies includes the bike that Lance rode when he made his return to professional cycling earlier this year. Have a scroll to see some other choice pieces.

Next up is the glove that Sox pitcher Jon Lester used during the month of July during the Tour de France.

The next exhibit on display is a complete collection of Jordans, that’s I-XXIII in a stripped down “naked” white/red colorway. The display is the highest form of dope for sneaker fiends, and I wouldn’t be surprised if there were a few robbery attempts at these stripped down beauties. Anyhoo if you’re in the area and care to peruse some sweet shit, or if you’re planing a heist you’ll want to visit 6 E 57th street, but holler at us on shout box before hand so we can get the robbery exclusive.

When Nike Bespoke goes wrong

November 20, 2009

You might look at this shoe and think, hey wait a second Frank what in the Sam Hill are you posting these for? Well I’ll answer you curious reader, this is the latest production from the Nike Design Studio located at 21 Mercer Street. The Bespoke Studio as it’s known by those in the know has gotten a smattering of media attention because you can use any material that nike has used on a shoe, and because it will cost you $850 bucks a pair. So not only did Eric Villatoro waste his time producing these, but he also flushed 850 clams down the toilet on a pair of kicks that look like the ones Nash got for formal.

Nike Spring 2010 Preview

November 5, 2009

Nike released a few mouth watering looks from their Spring 2010 collection. With a few bright pairs of Airs, and some two-tone dunks, Nike really outdid themselves with this collection. If this picture were paired up with Nike’s in a game of photohunt, you’d be hard pressed to spot the difference.

Nike SB Dunk "Chirping Bird"

October 22, 2009

 These Dunks are pretty cool looking, but the show really takes off when you press the tongue (as per the video below). These are the first noise making Nike’s that I know about, and could be a gateway into gun shot sounds, and DJ calls yelping from kicks everytime they’re touched. If you’d like to buy them, and have 6hundy to light on fire, and a peculiarly small shoe size for your age, click over here.