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Nike Air Max 90 iD Pigeon

November 30, 2009

If these shoes don’t cause an instantaneous sensation of excitement and fear that you might have an uncontrollable bowel movement, then you should go see a gastroentorologist. These Pigeon 90s were fashioned after the Pigeon Dunks which were THE sneaker to own in 2005 and caused a riot in front of The Reed Space where 20 of the 150 pairs were released. The shoes above were supposedly crafted on Nike iD which I find a bit fishy because there is no option for an SB tongue, which is what the shoes above sport on a pair of Air Max 90s. In any case I’ll be trying to replicate these on Nike iD for the next 72 hours, so wish me luck. Also as an added bonus for being on Hype Floats, enjoy the video below where the CBS newscasters embarrass themselves with shameless puns. Not one anchor from the 2005 newscast remains on air today….coincidence, I think not.