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Hottest American Apparel Models

November 13, 2009

I’m not one for posting tantalizing pics of girls, I usually leave that up to the blogman, but I came across this and was intrigued. It’s a well known fact that Dov Charney, the head of American Apparel is a pervert and will possibly be ringing a doorbell near you alerting you to his sex offense conviction, but we’ll wait til the end of the trial to report on that. Though his Ads are scandalous, sketchy, and always scantly clad, everyone knows them, and they have built the name of the brand be it for better or worse. Street Level has rated the top 10 ladies, we’ll give you the highlights.

3. Taking the bronze medal is “Jillian” who’s better known as Faye Raegan, you guessed it she’s a porn star (this is a recurring theme).

2. Giving it the old college try and coming in at number two is “Britney” who is known in the adult film industry as Charlotte Stokely, and I don’t mean like the foreign in subtitles adult film industry.

1. Numero uno is Sasha Grey who, you guessed it is in adult films, but has now also started to star in non-pornographic features and modeling….so good for her.

And this is the handsome young fellow that made it all possilbe, the American Apparel King pin, and probable molester, Dov Charney.