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David Guetta feat. Kid Cudi: Memories Video

February 9, 2010

When it rains it pours, usually that’s an unfortunate adage, but in Kid Cudi’s case, it means a media influx across the world wide interweb. The show which he’s featured in dropped yesterday, the mixtape which he hosted is out today, and now the video in which he croons over a David Guetta track has dropped, enjoy the visual accompinment to Memories.

David Guetta: If We Ever (feat. Makeba)

January 8, 2010

Lovin this new shit from Guetta and Makeba.  Just don’t ever go see the dude live especially not at Pacha.  Seen him live 3 times and each time has been a dud.  Not because he didn’t kill it but because those things get wayyyy too sweaty and packed with dudes.


David Guetta Feat. Kid Cudi Making of Memories Video, Video

January 7, 2010

So I was quite reluctant to post this making of the Memories music video, video. Because a video of a video is not only redundant, but probably a big waste of time. I think this video proves that point exactingly, and you probably shouldn’t even watch it. I’ve posted it simply because I introduced this event as something cool, and now I have the video evidence that proves the contrary. Sorry to any and all Miami Floaters.

David Guetta Feat. Kid Cudi Memories Art

January 5, 2010

Contrary to what other blog based music media outlets may have you believe this song is neither new nor unreleased. Rather it is a single of Guetta’s album One Love which dropped in August of 2009. The art work for the single dropped today, and if you were in Miami this evening hopefully you made it over to Nocturnal for a shot to be one of the 300 “stylish” individuals admitted to the club to be in the video which we will bring you just as soon as it is available. And if you were daydreaming about Miami today while fending off the cold with gandmas long undies, download the song for old time’s sake.

David Guetta: Memories feat. Kid Cudi

Madonna: Celebration (feat. Akon) [David Guetta Remix]

November 2, 2009


Wynter: Dirty Talk [Prod. David Guetta]

October 24, 2009

Was gonna hold off on this one til Monday but it’s definitely one you should sneak into your pregame list for tonight.  David Guetta on the beat.

Download: Wynter – Dirty Talk