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Bird Man’s new Head

December 1, 2009

While Blog Man keeps you up to date on the 50 best bangers that 2009 has brought, I’ll keep you updated on important industry news, like this the way the top of Bird Man’s head will look like for the rest of his life. I don’t know if he doesn’t plan on living that long or really just doesn’t give a shit.

Birdman, Drake, Lil’ Wayne vs. Britney Spears: Money She Bl3w

November 10, 2009

Now most of you know I’m not a huge fan of mashups but this is a pretty solid one.  I mean “Money To Blow” the original couldn’t possibly get any worse so adding a Britney Spears beat is a welcome improvement.  Here’s a question, when faced with the choice Birdman, Drake, Lil’ Wayne, and Britney Spears, show of hands who thought I was going to post a picture of Britney that I found searching for “Britney Spears Sexy” in Google Images?


Lil’ Wayne: No Ceilings (feat. Birdman)

November 6, 2009

Don’t ask me why a song called “No Ceilings” wasn’t on Weezy’s mixtape called “No Ceilings.”  Guess that’s why I blog for free and don’t know anything about the mixtape industry.


Gucci Mane: Wasted Rmx. feat. Lil Wayne, Jadakiss & Bird Man

October 30, 2009

These are two fellows that certainly like to be photographed tatts out, shirts off. I can’t tell how much of Gucci’s persona is an act, or if he’s naturally just a nincompoop. In either case he’s making a name for himself, and he’s got an iced out bart Simpson chain, so that’s always nice. Good to see Wayne and Birdman can be on a track together after that awkward hookup. Gucci may not wear skinny jeans like the white boys, but he sure does get wasted like them

Gucci Mane: Wasted Remix