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Jason Derulo: Psycho x Revolution

January 6, 2010


DOWNLOAD: Revolution

Jason Derulo: Tonight

December 31, 2009



*The Hype Floats Song Of The Year* Jason Derulo: Watcha Say

December 26, 2009

 Now I got to be honest.  The whole blog thing is taking songs from other sites and putting them up on your own.  Everyone knows that.  It’s no secret.  I’m not like talking to rappers on my cell phone or in the studio getting exclusive leaks.  99.9% of blogs are just taking songs from other sites.  That’s how it works.  And we never claim to be any different.  The whole point of starting the blog was to sort through the millions of other music blogs, pick and choose the songs that I like, then put those up.  Then people with similar music tastes can just check out Hype Floats and not worry about sorting through a shit load of other blogs.  We’re not trying to steal other people’s shit (that they stole in the first place) or copy other blogs.  I’d say there are 10-15 music blogs that I check regularly.  The whole point is to skim those blogs for the best shit, gather them together, and put the best of the best on here.

But if I do have to take credit for one thing it would have to be Jason Derulo.  I actually first heard about him reading some obscure article about up and coming artists.  I have no idea why I was reading it but I remember looking up “Cyber Love” on Limewire and that was the first time I heard him.  The ONLY other blog I had ever seen him on (before he got huge obviously) is BMF.  Just One Night N Bangkok, Hype Floats, and BMF.  I remember posting Watcha Say like 0.4 seconds after I heard it then playing it on repeat for like 6 months.  Posting it as “SONG OF THE YEAR” like 2 days after hearing it.  Posting and posting and posting about Jason Derulo.  Then one day like 5 months later they debuted “Watcha Say” on z100.  Needless to say it was a happy day.  So I’m giving myself a big pat on the back for this one.

Like I said before though almost everything else the credit is due to other blogs and websites.  So thanks to them, merry christmas to all and to all a good night!

DOWNLOAD: Hype Floats Song Of The Year- Jason Derulo “Watcha Say”

Jason Derulo: Sky’s The Limit

December 24, 2009

New shit from Jason Derulo!  Merry Christmas!!


DJ Nck: Whatcha Say Remix feat. Eminem & Ludacris

December 10, 2009

Couple problems here:
1) This is like the shittiest quality song I’ve ever posted
2)  Ludacris totally doesn’t fit here.  Like he could have picked almost any other verse from any other rapper and it would have sounded better.

But despite these shortcomings I still find myself listening to this shit on repeat.  Imagine if it was good quality?  I’d never leave my apartment although I guess I don’t anyway.


Jason Derulo: In My Head now available on iTunes

December 9, 2009


the album drops in 2010!

Jason Derulo: Fairy Tale

December 5, 2009

It’s my boy Jason Derulo with “Fairy Tale”…seems like its not the whole song but whatever it is, it’s sick.


Jason Derulo: In My Head

November 20, 2009

The kid is back!  Start the slow chant.  JD…JD…JD…


Guess Who The Fuck Is Guest Performing At "Monster Ball"?

November 12, 2009

So like I posted a while ago Lady Gaga and Kid Cudi “Monster Ball” tour is coming to NYC.  Well guess who is also performing?  Would you believe me if I said Jason Derulo?  Yes that Jason Derulo, the one I’ve been basically drooling over since I started as a young blogger.  I mean I can safely say that 95% of you heard about Jason Derulo directly through and nowhere else.  I’m not exaggerating or bragging or anything, that’s just a fact.  So uhhh if you think I won’t be at this concert with my shirt off and chest painted I LOVE YOU JASON then you got a big dump in your pants.  And if you think I’m kidding then you got 2 dumps in your pants.

Thanks to Zallen for the tip and I certainly won’t be going shirtless if he goes with me


Jason Derulo: Supernova

November 9, 2009