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N.E.R.D. Sells Out?

November 5, 2009

This video of N.E.R.D.s guest spot on the remake of 90210 got me thinking about what is selling out. Pharrell Williams and his cohorts are hype masters, it seems that everything they touch turns into hype, be it good or bad, they seem to have taken the motto “no such thing as bad press” to heart. Skateboard P’s clothing line(S) exemplify this point, while they are bawdy and colorful BBC and BAPE are known as envelope pushers when it comes to street and Asian-centric fashion. It seems however at times, that especially bathing ape puts out pieces just to attain the shock factor of covering something in cammo, deep space print, or even hunting dogs. But who is to say that this is the wrong approach, fiscally it has obviously worked out for Pharrell, but it seems interesting that his other line BBC, an acronym for Billionaire Boys Club sells T-shirts upwards of 90 spankys, and yet the brand’s motto is that “wealth is of the heart and mind not the pocket”. Well if wealth were truly derived from those two organs then it seems Pharrell would have the heart to lower the price, and the mind to remove some of that garish all over print. So this was one big old digression, anyhoo N.E.R.D. on 90210 cool maybe, post worthy, for sure.