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Baron Davis Li-Ning Commercial

January 14, 2010

Baron Davis aka B. Diddy aka The Baron aka that’s it, that was just it not one of his pseudonyms is one cool dude. He’s boys with Steve Nash and that makes him the man through association. He’s followed in the footsteps of Jason Kidd before him and dropped his foot soldier role at Nike for Generalship at Oriental sporting brand Li-Ning. He inked a multi-million dollar deal with the brand, and they’ve filmed a pretty sweet commercial in the blog man’s backyard. Oh, AND THE FIRST TWO OF YOU LUCKY READERS WHO CORRECTLY IDENTIFY THE 4 HIP-HOP PERSONALITIES IN THIS VID BY POSTING OUT OUR FACEBOOK WILL RECEIVE A FREE SHIRT FROM CONCRETE JUNGLE, that’s right no postage, no customs, just some free cotton for your backside.