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The Noisettes vs. Kanye West: Wild Young Heartbreaks

December 17, 2009

Here’s another prime example of something I downloaded in October, hated then, like now, and just figured out how to load on UserShare. If you hate it right now, you may also hate it in 2 months……but maybe you won’t. Enjoy a tracklist and the first 3 tracks to wet your appetite, I’ll get the rest when it’s not past my bed time.
UPDATE: As promised here are the rest of the tracks.

1. Say You’ll Be Noisy f. 6th Sense

2. Never Bad f. Esso

3. 24 Winters

4. Cheap Cops

5. Saturday Night Paranoia f. Christian Rich

6. Upset Lockdown f. Apple Juice Kid

7. Amazing Heart Break

8. Sometimes I’m Heartless