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Wiz Khalifa: Say Ahh Freestyle

January 13, 2010

For all you Wiz lovers here’s a pretty tight freestyle over SAY AHHHHH!


Wiz Khalifa: Smoker Face

January 10, 2010

Wiz Khalifa is back to doing what he does best, riding a successful beat. While this isn’t the best effort for young Wiz, he’s had great success reinterpreting popular beats see exhibit A here. Whether you love him or hate him for this fact is up to you, but here’s some more ammunition for either side.

Wiz Khalifa: Smoker Face

31) Wiz Khalifa: This Plane

December 11, 2009

Just a flat out great song.  I remember being so pumped when this first came out and it still hasn’t gotten old for me.  Wiz is inconsistent so I’m curious to see how good “Deal or no Deal” turns out but at least he’ll have this banger on there.


Wiz Khalifa: Lose Control

November 24, 2009

Wiz hits up the autotune for this track from “Deal Or No Deal”

It’s “OK”


Wiz Khalifa on his Nomenclature & Auto-Tune

November 20, 2009

Wiz Khalifa is my man, I like his mixtape, I’m anticipating his album, and I don’t care who knows it. In this interview the audience is clued into where Wiz derives his name from, and his thoughts on Auto-Tune. I find it interesting that Wiz can be labeled wise beyond his years when he spends a great majority of his time in a marijuana induced stuper, but I’m not guna hate on him. His foray into independence, and life after Warner Brothers drops on Tuesday, but you can pre-order it here. Also if you’re in NY, go check out the album release party at the HighLine Ballroom which is supposed to be a sick venue (flier proceeding).

Wiz Khalifa: Goodbye

November 17, 2009

The latest leaked track off of Wiz’s forthright album Deal or no Deal is entitled Goodbye, and that’s all I have to say about that for the moment.

Wiz Khalifa: Goodbye

Wiz Khalifa: On the Pill feat. Kev the Hustler

November 12, 2009

So this is about as low budget as it gets for hip-hop music videos. With that said, there are tattoos, reefer smoking, an intoxicated fat man in a furry hat, and a pair of video hos although I thought that title was intrinsically defined by attractiveness, guess I had the wrong definition. This track is off of Wiz’s album Burn After Rolling which I can’t stop listening to, and is certainly worth a second go around if you shirked it the first time.

Wiz Khalifa Interview

November 6, 2009

There’s been some grumbling and dissapointment surrounding the latest Wiz Khalifa mixtape Burn After Rolling. I won’t call it hate, because it’s just opinionated free speech on the shoutbox medium. Anyhow I’ve listened to it a few times over the last few days and I’m really starting to enjoy it, not to say that this experience will hold true for you readers, but don’t write off young Khalifa just yet. Check out Wiz in the booth, speaking on a CMJ show in Brooklyn which I guess me and Blog Man really pooped the bed on. It also appears as if Wiz takes pride in the time honored tradition of hand rolled cigarettes, which is great because you don’t see that from youngsters nowadays.

Wiz Khalifa: Burn After Rolling (Mixtape)

November 2, 2009

Just got the new mixtape, listening to it now so I’ll let you know how it is.

01. B.A.R.
02. Getting’ Up
03. Take Yo Bitch
04. The Thrill
05. One Way
06. Miles
07. If I Were A Lame 
08. Meet New People
09. Weekend
10. Young Khalifa
11. Knock U Down
12. On Tha Pill
13. When U Find
14. Mafia Music (rmx)
15. Say U Will
16. Timeless
17. Won’t Land
18. Ode to Naked Pop Stars
19. All My Life Freestyle
20. Great to Be There (Outro)


via P&P

Wiz Khalifa: When U Find

October 31, 2009

The latest Leak off of Wiz Khalifa‘s mixtape Burn After Rolling which drops in two short days is entitled When U Find as is a complete juxtaposition to his other leaked track (s). The song has DJ tags in it which is quite unsightly so if you can hold out, the Mixtape drops Monday and we’ll be sure to bring it to your web-browser doorstep. Make sure to check out the reviews printed on the album cover, they look pretty reputable.

Wiz Khalifa: When U find