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Forest Whitaker has pizazz

October 15, 2009

Forest Whitaker is the dude, don’t believe me then listen to the FACTS. He’s from Park Slope, I could stop right there, but I’m not going to. He’s not a nice looking guy, but he’s pictured here with a tasty treat, he’s the subject and title of a track by Brother Ali, and he gave an oscar winning performance playing one of the most hated dictators of all-time in The Last King of Scotland. Now I’ll start with why he’s the man, the dude likes sneakers. He’s pictured here at the Where the Wild Things Are premier in L.A. rocking a stylish brown suit paired up with a stylish pair of Nike’s that have been rumored to be a collaboration between Nike and Where the Wild Things Are. The movie comes out on Friday, so get a pretty date and a fresh pair of kicks and go peep it. Oh yea I forgot to mention his first movie was Dazed and Confused.