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Mike Posner: Oakley Learn to Ride @ Sundance

February 1, 2010

Oakley “Learn To Ride” Sundance from UX ENTERTAINMENT GROUP on Vimeo.

So not only does Sundance look like the coolest place on earth where you get to take in prohibitively selective viewings of the sweetest movies in town, but you get to ski and snowboard at one of the best locales in the Continental United State….for free. Oakley set up a little learn to board session where, if you were dubbed cool enough, you got to shred the slopes, grab some sweet goggles that the rest of us scour sporting goods stores for, and look like the man or woman, all set to Mike Posner’s Evil Woman.

Mike Posner on Perez Hilton :(

January 29, 2010

Mike Posner appeared on Perez Hilton today for a 5 minute interview with the Yeezy possessing celebrity blogger. The interview is pretty awkward, covered in a pink border, and I couldn’t figure out how to embed it, but if you want to check it out, it’s your right as a citizen of the blogosphere and you can check it out here.

Mike Posner: One Foot Out the Door pt. 7

January 22, 2010

I debated long and hard about whether or not to post this, I really only post things that I like, on the off chance that someone out there has the exact same taste as me then this is one heck of a blog experience for them. The reason I did decide to subject you fair readers to this is because almost every one of Mike Posner’s videos, whether they be included in this series or not, portrays him rocking shows in front of members of his demographic, white college kids who know the catalog of his music by heart. Seeing him do his thing at the This is 50 show on Governor’s island was interesting because it reminded me that not all that many people know who this funky Duke University hopeful is. He doesn’t rap, he sings and while the discerning music lover will probably eat his tunes up, the laymen rap fan will probably never hear of him. So educate the philistines around you, and put good music in their ear holes.

Mike Posner One Foot Out the Door Pt. 6

January 8, 2010

It’s certainly good to be Mike Posner. About to receive a degree from a top tier University, already signed to a lucrative record deal, the ladies think he’s snazzy, the only thing not going for the dude is that he’s sponsored by Puma and will subsequently have to rock sub-par heat on his feet during public appearances…..but the other stuff isn’t so bad.

Mike Posner Ep 5

December 25, 2009

Mike Posner’s video series is back with the 5th installment and a few changes to boot. First and foremost the series is now sponsored by Puma which will put a little change in his pocket and sub-par kicks on his feet. The intro song has also changed for the worse, but that’s just in this humble bloggers opinion.

Mike Posner: Drug Dealer Girl Video

December 14, 2009

It seems like it’s been a while since Posner previously popped up daily, but he’s made his return with a video to one of his most popular tunes, Drug Dealer girl. Other than the hiring of Playboy pinup Rosa Acosta, this video is pretty low budget shot entirely on Duke’s campus and from the looks of it your boy Mike Posner is living the life at the aforementioned University. Any dude the can crowd surf on the quad must be doing something right.

Jabari Talks to Mike Posner

November 23, 2009

One college grad sits down with a college hopeful to discuss hopes, dreams, and GPA. I’m pretty sure that this interview took place right after me and the Blog Man took in the Mike Posner/Big Sean experience in NYC. This guy Jabari is a shotty journalist, and an even worst show host, but this can be attributed to his lowly GPA, and Mike Posner is def toasted out of his face.

Mike Posner: One Foot out the Door Pt.3

November 3, 2009

As Promised, here’s the third installment of the One Foot Out the Door webisode series. There’s a few things I like about this video, one is that the only shot of Duke University coursework is two Duke University folders. The second aspect is that the dude is definitely high when he meets up with Clinton Sparks at the airport. I remember the first time I found out that Clinton Sparks was white I was like ???? this is Mr. get familiar, so don’t feel bad if you’re experiencing those same three question marks. I personally like his first mixtape better, but Mike Posner certainly doesn’t, so like politicians, we’ll leave it up to you.

Three Classic Mixtapes You Better Not Have Missed

October 30, 2009

Look I don’t know if you’re deaf, dumb, retarded, or don’t know how to use the internet, but if you missed this week you owe it to yourself to catch up NOW.  I know some stuff gets lost in the shuffle with all the posts we do.  Maybe you were busy for a few days and by the time you got here you were overwhelmed.  So I won’t blame you but get on your horse.   First we had Hype Floats’ favorite MC Mike Posner droppin the new mix tape a few days early.  Frank’s not too hot on it but after listening to it 10 times through I’m all hot and bothered by it.  THEN we had the first Weezy mix tape since Da Drought 3 with “No Ceilings.”  Now I don’t know if you’re sick of Weezy and think he’s played out like all the other trendy kids on the blogosphere but I think he still kills it and this mixtape was no exception.  FINALLY after about a year of we sweating their nuts Chiddy Bang finally dropped a whole collection with their mixtape “The Swelly Express.”  That shit is nuts.  You gotta scoop up all 3 right now, make a big ass playlist of all the songs, and listen to em all weekend.

DOWNLOAD: Chiddy Bang-The Swelly Express 

DOWNLOAD: Lil’ Wayne-No Ceilings

DOWNLOAD: Mike Posner-One Foot Out The Door

"Jumpoff Jumpoff Don’t Call It A JuMPoFf"

October 29, 2009

Some random tracks to get you going for the night.   Go Phillies.

Mike Posner: You Don’t Have To Leave

Lil’ Wayne: Watch My Shoes

Jay Electronica: Exhibit C

Timbaland: Ease Off The Liquor

T-Pain: Drop It

Lupe Fiasco: Say Something Freestyle

Jadyn Maria: A Man’s World (feat. Katy Perry)