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Wale Pretty Girls Video Shoot Behind The Scenes

January 12, 2010

The mask is unveiled and the truth of the glamourous music video is unveiled….or is it. Ben Baller a well respected jewler, DJ, and sneaker kingpin gives a behind the scenes look at the Wale Video shoot, and it looks pretty lame. Me and the blogman could lip sink a better video than this, and maybe we will.

34) Daniel Merriweather: Change (Remix)[feat. Wale]

December 9, 2009

Daniel Merriweather had an internet-wide remix contest for this song and this was the winner.  Not much to say except it’s a tight song that’s a guaranteed hit at any one of your parties.


Signed Copy of Wale’s Attention Deficit

December 1, 2009

If you are intrigued by twitter, but are looking for a solid pretext to get signed up, look no further. Daily Drop is giving away a signed copy of your boy Wale’s latest album Attention Deficit via you guessed it, twitter. Hit this LINK to get all the pertinent details.

Gangsta Killers: Wale, Drake, and Kid Cudi in GQ

November 18, 2009

With the eminent death of magazines world wide, GQ has decided to go out with a bang, or at least they’ve wizened up and virally leaked some content from their Man of the Year issue. Dubbed the Gangsta Killers, this hip-hop trio is definitely changing the game just like Athos, Porthos, and Aramis and if you don’t know those fellas go get yourself an English degree….or just watch the last scene of Slumdog.

Wale: Center of Attention iTunes Exclusive

November 12, 2009

The pride of the nation’s capital has released his first album, and the people are buzzing. While you probably know Chillin’ off of Attention Deficit, get familiar with the introspective track Center of Attention which is an addendum to the iTunes purchase of the album.

Wale: Center of Attention

Wale in Strong Island 11/7

November 5, 2009

Your boy FrankyVegan will be out of town this weekend (the flyer is mis-labeled the event is Sat.) otherwise you would have the chance to meet two psuedo celebrities. We already showed you Joe Bistro’s watch, so that should be motivation enough to get out to the island and steal that diamond studded timepiece. On this Strong Island Saturday however the real draw will be the opportunity to meet DMV star Wale, and receive a signed copy of his yet to be released album “Attention Deficit”. The pleasure doesn’t come gratis, it will cost you 15 clams but you will also be automatically entered to win a DJ hero package, so board that LIRR and get ready to peruse Patchogue come Saturday.

Wale Nike Foamposite Copper

November 3, 2009

This guy Wale once posited in his rap that Phil Knight asked him “where’d you get those” and it’s becoming more and more likely that this actually occurred. Wale was the ambassador of the Nike Eggplant Foamposites, which if you were unaware swept the sneaker chiefdom by storm and were an instant classic. Now Wale has previewed, with a little shameless advertising of his album “Attention Deficit”, the Nike Foamposite Copper months before their slated release. I’m unsure of the identity of Wale’s sneaker connect, but the guy is Pablo Escobar of his respective field.

Wale: Attention Deficit (Album Sampler)

October 31, 2009

Buy the album Nov. 10.

01. Triumph (prod. Dave Sitek)
02. Mamma Told Me
03. Mirrors f. Bun B (prod. Mark Ronson)
04. Pretty Girls f. Gucci Mane & Weensey (of Backyard Band) (prod. Best Kept Secret)
05. World Tour f Jazmine Sullivan (prod.Cool & Dre)
06. Let It Loose (Inhibitions) f. Pharrell Williams (prod. The Neptunes)
07. 90210 (prod. Mark Ronson)
08. Shades f. Chrisette Michele (prod. 9th Wonder)
09. Chillin’ f. Lady Gaga (prod. Cool & Dre)
10. TV In The Radio f. K’Naan (prod. Dave Sitek)
11. Contemplate f. Rihanna (prod. Syience)
12. Diary f. Marsha Ambrosius
13. Beautiful Bliss f. Melanie Fiona & J.Cole (prod. DJ Green Lantern & Mark Ronson)
14. Prescription

Download the Sampler

Wale: Beautiful Bliss (feat. Melanie Fiona & J.Cole)

October 31, 2009

 “All I want to do is eat like a freaky lesbian”


Wale: Shades (feat. Chrisette Michelle)

October 30, 2009

Don’t forget Attention: Deficit drops Nov. 10! Definitely one you’re gonna want to check out.  We’ll get it a little early and post the highlights.  For now here’s a little primer with a leak of a duo with Chrisette Michelle.

DOWNLOAD: Wale-Shades (feat. Chrisette Michelle)